Mamo! (The Life & Times of Dame Mary Eugene Charles)

By Gabriel J. Christian

MAMO! Is the riveting biography of Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, Prime Minister of Dominica. Mamo, was the popular nickname given Charles by islanders who she led with stern resolve for fifteen years. The work provides insight into the life of one of the leading figures in Caribbean history and one of the most notable females to ever to lead any country in recent times. The product of a 1996 interview and notes from thirteen years of interaction with Dominican born attorney and community leader Gabriel Christian, the book begins with splendid introduction with Justice Irving Andre (PhD) Canadian jurist and legal scholar who has become the preeminent biographer of Dominica s leaders of the modern era. The work spotlights Dame Charles early life in Dominica; her father’s involvement in the local legislator and the politics of Caribbean nationalism.

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