The 5 Bags Our Editors Are Carrying Now, and the Essentials Stored Inside

If you’re a handbag lover (ahem, like the writer of this story), you’re going to be quite thrilled at the inspiration coming your way. That’s right. We, the editors here at WWW are giving insight into the specific bags we’re carrying right now. The silhouettes in question are basically deemed as true outfit makers.But we’re not talking just about the design and fashion aspect here. The said bag silhouettes are also functional in that they hold all of our essentials. So yes, we’re taking this one step further to showcase the items we keep in our day bags as well to give a better sense of our personal style and what we each believe are staples. You know, in the vein of those “what’s in my bag videos.”  Included in the mix is everything from beauty products for touch-ups, little snacks, trending wallets and pouches, and more.”I’m a big fan of Staud’s handbags, but the moon bag has been my favorite for the past few months. I love how it has a unique shape but also has the ability to fit all my daily essentials, which I can’t say for some of my other statement bags.””Any bag I’m carrying, I’m always going to have a couple of different lip products. A lipstick, balm, and gloss. Rare Beauty’s lipsticks have quickly become my favorite for their pigment and creamy texture.””Out of all the lip balms I’ve tried over the years, Glossier’s is still my favorite. Even my brother recently ordered a trio-pack for himself.””Rare Beauty’s lipstick is still matte, so I always like to add a gloss on top. Tower28’s is pigmented and glossy without being intensely sticky.””After owning this Chanel wallet for two years, I now realize why people like to prioritize investing in them. Its classic style and quilting is something I don’t see myself getting tired of. No matter how many bags I go through, I keep this wallet in them all.””You’ll never know when you need a pair of sunglasses, so this chic Linda Farrow pair is always in my purse. It adds a luxe element to any outfit, even if I’m just wearing a tee and jeans.””I got this bag last summer and it’s still a favorite. It’s super lightweight (and packable when traveling—you can fold it to be basically flat) and it fits so much without looking big.””These are my current favorite sunglasses. So chic and affordable.””Dare I say this is a bargain?””This lipstick is so good—nice and light and creamy. My favorite shade is Millennial.””Mosquitos love me and it’s summer, so this goes everywhere with me.””I’m never without hand sanitizer. This one smells great and gets the job done.””Another summer bag essential.””I’ve been very into structured bags these days, and this Burberry stunner I bought From Mr Porter is a forever classic in my eyes.””This Celine wallet is just so chic. It’s small to fit in any of my bags, but fits a lot.””When I saw these sunglasses on Sunglass Hut, I fell in love. I adore the flat brim and angular design.””I like to keep a lot of my cards I don’t use as often in a separate card case. I got this Chanel option from Fashionphile.””I often turn to Italist for cool designer items at solid pricing. This keyring is certainly a splurge, but I’ll use it for years and years.””This is my favorite lip balm—so hydrating and I like the matte finish.””I always have a little snack in my bag, and I’m currently very into these plant-based gumdrops.””This is another little snack I often keep with me so I don’t get hangry.””Like everyone in fashion right now, I’m deeply obsessed with the return of Balenciaga’s Y2K accessories. The Neo bag is a modern update on the iconic City Bag that feels especially fresh in a structured, petite shape. I have it in the miniature size and while it’s certainly small, it surprisingly fits all the essentials.””The most hydrating and non-sticky lip gloss out there. I’ve been wearing this reddish-orange color on repeat all summer.””Don’t come for me, but I prefer a catchall pouch like this to a classic zip-around wallet. It’s sleek, simple, and holds everything I need.””Le Specs really mastered the perfect ’90s oval shape when they made these. Not too oversized or too slim, they’re the ideal shape for everyday wear and I love how the honey tortoiseshell color lends a cool vintage quality.””Byredo’s hand cream is the ultimate daily luxury. It’s such a luxurious and hydrating formula with a clean and velvety scent. Throwing it in my bag is a no-brainer.””For fall, I feel like I’m finally able to release the hold baby bags have on me, and embrace larger bags that veer into the oversized territory. Currently, I can’t stop carrying my vintage Bottega Veneta as I find it’s the perfect sized shoulder bag to be able to schlep the essentials around New York stylishly.””The old adage about never leaving your house without your wallet? Well, I never want to since treating myself to investing in this YSL card holder. It’s honestly the best money I’ve ever spent.””I always have my wireless headphones in my bag because I like to be able to at any moment slip them in, put on Beyoncé’s Renaissance album, and power walk through the city.””I never leave the house without a pair of fun shades, and as of late, I’m loving the tinted lens on this pair!””Almost 80% of the time, you can find me carrying a book, but the added benefit of my Bottega is that it’s big enough to actually fit a full 500-page one inside. The most recent one I found myself digging out of my bag on the train was Amy Odell’s biography of Anna Wintour—it’s syllabi material for the fashion girlies.””I always carry my mini ILIA mascara in my bag just in case I need a little touch-up.””I also love to have my favorite brow gel on hand, just in case I want to do touch-ups before heading to previews or dinner.””Fenty’s universal gloss will always have a designated spot in my purse as it’s the one lip product I know I can throw on and go without worrying about smudging.””With curly hair, you can leave the house looking fabulous and emerge from the train with frizz. So, I always like to carry my favorite curl cream with me in a miniature size just in case.””Every new yorker should have Purell in their purse, it’s basically a rite of passage.”Next, check out more stylish bags.

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